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Justin Mullen - CEO & Co-Founder, DataOps.liveMar 1, 2023 6:19:57 PM5 min read

10 Milestones in the Unfolding Journey… 

What a gift: on 25th December 2022, Christmas Day for many people, the one millionth pipeline was run by the team at Roche Diagnostics.  

The excitement is building— is fast becoming the go-to high performance SaaS platform for enabling #TrueDataOps for the Snowflake Data Cloud.  

In terms of financial and other metrics that demonstrate a strong product/market fit, capital efficiency and business growth, 2022-23 has seen: 

  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) growth rate of over 4x   
  • Net Revenue Retention (NRR) greater than 300% 
  • Customer count tripled  
  • 26,000 deployments of the platform to production  
  • Over 1 million pipelines run using the SaaS platform, with more than 10 million jobs orchestrated, and over 50 million tests performed 

As an increasing number of organizations choose the platform, we look back on 10 milestones in the fast-moving history of 

  1. 2020-2021: the #TrueDataOps philosophy, manifesto and seven pillars are conceived, developed and refined by myself and Guy Adams, in collaboration with other leaders from the data world including Kent Graziano, Wayne Eckerson, and Mike Ferguson. This culminated in the launch of the #TrueDataOps community
  1. February 1, 2022: announced it has secured USD $10.3 million seed funding round led by Anthos Capital and supported by Snowflake Ventures. When people buy-into they’re buying into two things. First, the genius of our tech team and their deep technical expertise on Snowflake, led by my co-founder, CTO and ‘Snowflake Data Superhero’ Guy Adams. And second, our absolute commitment to deliver, to make our customers successful, and to enjoy that journey with them. We’re well known for doing whatever it takes to enable our client to be successful—no ifs ands or buts. 
  1. February-June 2022: scaled up rapidly, attracting talent around the world, increasing headcount, investing even more in product development, expanding further into North America, and talking to increasing numbers of customer organizations worldwide.
  2. Summer 2022: part of the world’s biggest biotech company, Roche Diagnostics shared its forward-looking data stack and novel Data Mesh architecture. This domain-oriented self-service solution based on Snowflake and addresses critical issues around how Roche people work and the organization’s decentralized culture, empowering and giving ownership while ensuring federated governance. Following rapid adoption:
  • The average time to deliver a new data product fell from six months to only 6-8 weeks 
  • The number of monthly releases increased to 120+ compared to one release every three months previously 
  • The new approach enabled the integration of more than 15 additional capabilities and partners into the data platform 
  • Over 40 separate data domain teams now contribute to the overall Data Mesh with 50 individual data products 
  • More than USD $40m in savings are delivered up to October 2022 in inventory reduction, cost avoidance, and resource optimization 
  1. September 21-22: Big Data London: global satellite communications provider OneWeb presents its Self-Service Data Hub (SSDH) which utilizes technology. Working with hugely complex data flows and orchestration requirements, OneWeb’s solution is based on Snowflake, and world. With data discoverability now provided for all users, the volumes involved are staggering. The environment ingests 55 billion rows every day, with 8.8. trillion rows in a single table, managing 1,000 trillion rows of data. With Data Quality a key requirements, is enabling more than 200 automated tests per data source.
  • Previously, it took several weeks to access all OneWeb data: it now takes 20 seconds 
  • Time to share data with a distribution partner reduced from several weeks to two hours 
  • It now takes two hours to create a dashboard compared to two weeks previousl 
  • The number of dashboards increased from five in summer 2021 to 700+ toda 
  • It takes only one day to analyze one billion records 
  • The number of use cases increased from two to 14 per month 
  • OneWeb anticipates a 625% data increase over 12 month 
  1. November 2022: the Fall 2022 Release delivered no-fear enterprise data engineering at scale. As VP of Product Thomas Steinborn blogged, this release “combines a unified developer experience with the ability to perform DataOps at scale: enhancing the day-to-day experience and enhancing the operation of data workloads. It includes a new safety net for development teams and new security measures. As we work to become the industry standard for enterprise teams to automate, orchestrate, observe, and deploy cloud data platforms, our Fall 2022 release doubles down on that promise.”
  2. November, 15-16: Snowflake BUILD—The Data Cloud Dev Summit virtual event. is one of only 5 technology partners invited to present, with a session that showcases how the platform brings DevOps speed, automation and agility to the data world, so users can build on Snowflake easily and quickly. This included, as Co-founder and CTO Guy Adams blogged, “how to create a secure, sandboxed, rapid development experience; use a bullet-proof release process, and do a one-click rollback when things go wrong.” You can watch Snowflake BUILD sessions on-demand here.
  3. November 28, 2022: hosted by Kent Graziano aka The Data Warrior, the #TrueDataOps Podcast This brings together thought leaders, innovators, and pioneering user organizations at the forefront of the #TrueDataOps revolution. Guests include Wayne Eckerson, Miguel Morgado (OneWeb), Joe Reis (Ternary Data), Mark Balkenende (Matillion), Paul Rankin (Roche Diagnostics), Mike Ferguson (Intelligent Business Strategies), Frank Bell (Snowflake Data Superhero), Allison Sagraves (2022 Top 100 Global Data and Analytics Innovator), Randy Bean (NewVantage Partners), and Barr Moses (Monte Carlo). You can learn more and subscribe here.
  4. December 5, 2022: Gartner delivers its first DataOps Market Guide. This recognition of DataOps software as a distinctive market is important, as Patrick Connolly blogs, “We’re at an important step—and is represented fairly well. Our involvement with this document began in August when they circulated a first cut at defining the capabilities involved. We provided some commentary, suggestions and added several core criteria. I was pleased to see some of our language directly represented in the guide—specifically our use of the term ‘single pane of glass’… the best part was to see a direct quote from our customer, the only customer reference in the guide.”
  5. December 25, 2022: the one millionth pipeline is run by Sheetal Goyal from the Manufacturing Group at Roche Diagnostics, representing in excess of 10 million jobs the SaaS platform has now The senior leadership team sends its congratulations to Sheetal and the Roche team.

As you can see, 2022 was a year of tremendous growth and achievement. But what’s even more exciting is the road ahead—continuing change the way the world builds and manages Data Products.  We look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2023. 


Justin Mullen - CEO & Co-Founder,

Experienced leader in enterprise data engineering & management for 30 years, largely the areas of dataops, data analytics, data integration, big data, governance, risk, performance management, & digital processes (workflow, etc.) Focus is utilizing cloud-based solutions and data technology to store, manage, cleanse and drive insight out of the data and information generated by organizations. Skilled at understanding organizations, how they operate, their culture and their problems working predominately at senior management and board level. Business leader for many years since opening a first company in 1995, through first company sale in 2001. Co-founder and CEO at SMI Technology (sold to The Innovation Group), MiFlow (sold to Sourcecode Inc), and most recently Datalytyx which was sold to the global technology specialist - Mphasis Inc in Q4 2020. Now CEO and co-Founder of, where we enable Data & Analytyc Engineers, GSIs, and RSIs to employ the principles of DataOps (DevOps for Data) to deliver better data faster in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Co-author of the 2020 DataOps Philosophy - #TrueDataOps ( and 2021 "DataOps for Dummies" book from Wiley.