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Build, test & deploy  Data Products on  Snowflake is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
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WebinarOptimize Your Snowflake Spend With True Efficiency Gains and Innovation

Whether you are just starting with Snowflake or taking full advantage of advanced features and use cases, there are always opportunities for optimization and efficiency.

Watch as and XponentL Data as they discuss how Spendview and Snoptimizer can help optimize your budget by identifying and automating optimization best practices and cost-saving strategies. 

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ebookData Products for Dummies

Data Products are the future of how organizations will organize, develop, and deploy data assets and data applications. But current information about data products can be complex and confusing. Data Products for Dummies is your one-stop guide to moving beyond the theory to embark on a pragmatic and practical journey toward building data products for your organization.

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WebinarData Products Done Right

Join Thomas Steinborn, VP of Products and Mark Bartlo, Senior Sales Engineer, at for our Data Products Done Right webinar. In this 45-minute event, you will learn how to:

  • Turn data into an asset
  • Manage Data as a Product with a concrete roadmap
  • Automatically version the datasets of your Data Product
  • Ensure Data Products don't break backward compatibility on release
  • Understand the guardrails guiding your versioning decisions
    ...and more!
Watch now
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WebinarSummer '23 Product Launch

Sign for the Summer '23 launch webinar and learn how to:

  • Optimize your Snowflake spend and consumption
  • Utilize Your Snowflake data warehouse perfectly
  • Identify your biggest spenders
  • Build your next generation Data Product
  • Treat Data as a Product
  • Automatically version your Data Product 
  • Ensure Data Products don't break backward compatability
  • ...and more!


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WebinarLeveraging Snowpark & streamlit to build data applications on Snowflake

You may have heard about this large national bank where one customer data product has powered nearly 60 use cases—ranging from real-time scoring of credit risk to chatbots that answer customers’ questions—providing $60 million in incremental revenue and eliminating $40 million in losses annually (source: the Harvard Business Review). Too good to be true? Not for organizations using!

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WebinarMigration to Deployment of Data Products in Snowflake at the Speed of Business

In today’s economic times, businesses are under increased scrutiny and only the most critical projects will get off the ground. Businesses have to be laser focused on their data spending and ensure proper utilization of technology.

Leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud as your data platform enables data mobilization with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance, but your operations and development teams may need extra support to streamline  migration and create data products. 

The combination of Collibra, Snowflake and can help you achieve success and create value throughout your organization.

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WebinarEvaluating Snowflake with

"When should we look at” This is one of the most common questions we get when speaking with prospective Snowflake customers along with:

  • Are there benefits to including DURING the evaluation process?
  • What would this process look like?
  • What about adding AFTER evaluating and selecting Snowflake as their Data Cloud?
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WebinarHow to Successfully Automate your Data Cloud

In this webinar, you will learn how and VaultSpeed can help you:

  • Successfully deploy and manage a Data Vault on Snowflake
  • Develop data products faster and manage their lifecycle
  • Reduce the costs of your data pipelines for Snowflake
  • Bring more agility, flexibility, and resilience to change over time
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WebinarBuilding Data Products on Snowflake Using DataOps

Join’s Guy Adams, CTO & Co-Founder and Mark Bartlo, Senior Sales Engineer who will lead you through the journey from automated development, orchestration, observability and deployment to effective lifecycle management of Data Products.

In this session, we profile how a major pharmaceutical research company was able to scale out to 50 data products in less than 18 months. 

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VideoBuild Vs. Buy

DataOps has been a hot topic latelyand you may be contemplating your approach to solve problems related to complex pipelines, lack of governance and trust in your data. While it would seem that a "DIY" approach makes sense, there's a better option and it's called

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WebinarSpring 2023 Product launch

This webinar is intended to introduce you to the latest updates from, including how to:  

  •  Automate, orchestrate, deploy, and govern your Data Products with our new Orchestrator for Collibra and Informatica
  • Streamline and accelerate the build and deployment of your data vault defined in VaultSpeed
  • Jumpstart your data team’s productivity using our exciting DataOps Developer Environment
  • Have complete confidence in data infrastructure changes for Snowflake
  • Improve compliance and enterprise security practices by leveraging new environment management capabilities.
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WebinarHow Roche Diagnostics is Using DataOps to Build and Manage Data Product and Data Mesh

Watch this webinar in partnership with and Roche Diagnostics, if you’d like to explore:

  • How to build and deploy a single data product and data mesh approach with dramatic results
  • The practical challenges of building a DataOps and data mesh center of excellence in an enterprise company
  •  The working structures, blueprints, cadences, and collaboration needed to drive continual success week by week to each new domain.
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WebinarMaster class: using Snowflake and to deliver a domain-driven Data Mesh Architecture successfully

To remain a data-first organisation and to continue to prioritise self-service analytics, companies must move away from a centralised data architecture and consider alternatives. One such alternative is the domain-driven data mesh.  

Watch this master class with Snowflake and to learn:

  • What the practical challenges are of implementing a data mesh
  • Design patterns that can be used to overcome these challenges   
  • How to be successful in building a domain-driven data mesh.
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VideoHow OneWeb has Gone Stellar with Snowflake and

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation, underscoring the necessity to be online for education, work, access to healthcare and to enable the IoT future and a pathway to 5G. OneWeb is driven by data: how the business operates, the partners it works with, the customers it serves, and IoT telemetry data on the status and health of millions of devices 24/7.

Join this session to learn:

  • How OneWeb is securely storing and governing every item of data and automating every data pipeline from source to destination
  • How they’ve built a data hub to foster a culture of self-service analytics across their business
  • How they’re leveraging data sharing and have built their own private data exchange.
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eBookDataOps for Dummies

DataOps describes a novel way of development teams working together collaboratively around data to achieve rapid results and improve customer satisfaction. This book is intended for everyone looking to adopt the DataOps philosophy to improve the governance and agility of their data products. The principles in this book should create a shared understanding of the goals and methods of DataOps and #TrueDataOps and create a starting point for collaboration.

What You'll Learn:

  • 10 Reasons to Consider DataOps
  • Getting Started with DataOps
  • Understanding the Benefits of DataOps
  • Discover 7 Pillars of The #TrueDataOps Philosophy.
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White PaperDataOps Deep Dive: Different Approaches to the DataOps Platform
What's inside?
  • This report examines four leading DataOps platforms: DataKitchen,, Zaloni, and Unravel. It describes each product, highlights its key differentiators, and identifies target customers for each
  • From these profiles, readers will better understand the range of DataOps offerings and discover which products are best suited to their needs
  • " is a great choice for companies that need orchestration of complex data pipelines around Snowflake, especially if they rely on a lot of IoT data. Its hybrid approach means you can use native development and testing tools for some data pipeline processes, and orchestrate any 3rd party tools as required."
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White PaperThe Challenges of Apache Airflow in a #TrueDataOps World

Data engineering and its associated need to create optimized, orchestrated data pipelines that extract data from multiple, disparate data sources and load it into a centralized data platform, has risen to prominence. Before the development of automated workflow orchestration tools (like Airflow), data pipeline functionality was either manually coded and implemented, or run by batches of multiple lengthy crons and repetitive custom API calls. This has caused an erosion in the quality of the resultant data insights because of the overwhelming manual nature of data pipeline management before the arrival of workflow orchestration tools.

There is now a need to apply some (or all) of DevOps principles, battle hardened in the software development industry, to this world of data, to ensure the implementation of Agile and Lean principles in the data pipeline creation, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance lifecycles. This white paper delves into the #TrueDataOps philosophy and why Apache Airflow, the forerunner, and originator of automated workflow monitoring and management tools, never was an ideal solution for data pipeline orchestration workflows. 

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WebinarMake Your Data Products First-Class Citizens

All too often, data is treated as a second-class citizen. Many organizations need the proper alignment on data ownership, leading to poor decision-making and unaccountable data that spawns risk. Treating your data as a product allows you to deliver complete data products with embedded value to support business agility and intelligence.

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