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Explore the #TrueDataOps philosophy and why Apache Airflow, the forerunner, and originator of automated workflow monitoring and management tools, never was an ideal solution for data pipeline orchestration workflows.

Adopt the DataOps philosophy to improve the governance and agility of your data products. Create a shared understanding of the goals and methods of DataOps and #TrueDataOps and create a starting point for collaboration.

This report from the Eckerson Group examines four leading DataOps platforms: DataKitchen,, Zaloni, and Unravel. It describes each product, highlights its key differentiators, and identifies target customers for each.

Case Studies

The platform is helping data product teams in this global pharmaceutical giant to orchestrate and benefit from next-generation analytics on self-service data and analytics infrastructure consisting of Snowflake and other tools using data mesh approach.

OneWeb is a global communications company on a mission to connect everyone, everywhere. See how OneWeb is using and Snowflake to govern every item of data, automate every data pipeline and create a culture of self-service analytics.

This UK market-leading gas supply company’s delivery of healthcare oxygen has faced unprecedented demand. Find out how is helping BOC manage cylinder stock and logistics data to increase production efficiency and provide best-in-class customer service.

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Video | Build Vs. Buy

DataOps has been a hot topic lately – and you may be contemplating your approach to solve problems related to complex pipelines, lack of governance and trust in your data. While it would seem that a “DIY” approach makes sense, there’s a better option and it’s called

Webinar | Evaluating Snowflake with

"When should we look at” This is one of the most common questions we get when speaking with prospective Snowflake customers. In this panel discussion hosted by’s Patrick Connolly and Kent Graziano – The Data Warrior, we explore the options and implications of this approach

Podcast | #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep. 11. 

“Everything ‘old’ seems to be back in vogue again – we’re talking about data modeling, we’re talking about how we optimize something, how do we get the most out of the systems we already have…?”

Webinars & Events


This webinar by introduces their latest updates, covering topics like automated deployment and governance of data products, streamlined build and deployment of data vaults, and improved security practices. Attendees will also learn about the DataOps Developer Environment and other new capabilities.


"When should we look at” This is one of the most common questions we get when speaking with prospective Snowflake customers. In this panel discussion hosted by’s Patrick Connolly and Kent Graziano – The Data Warrior, we explore the options and implications of this approach

What if you could achieve unmatched agility and innovation across development teams large and small to deliver in days what previously took months? This joint webinar with Snowflake is exactly what you're looking for if you’d like to explore how to build and deploy a single data product and data mesh approach with dramatic results and other is proud to be a Premier exhibiting partner at the 2023 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit! Visit us in Orlando March 20-22 at Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin hotel to hear from our experts on all things

In an era where most global companies consider themselves data-first organizations and are prioritizing self-service analytics, some companies are not building and serving their data with the flexibility and versatility it deserves. To remain a data-first organization, companies must move away from a centralized data architecture. Enter: Data Mesh.

Watch this webinar, in Partnership with Snowflake, to see how OneWeb is securely storing and governing every item of data and automating every data pipeline from source to destination. We explore how they’ve built a data hub to foster a culture of self-service analytics, leveraging data across their business and their own private data exchange.

Watch this webinar, in partnership with Snowflake, to see why we’re excited about Snowpark and Java user-defined functions (UDFs) and how these features represent a major new foray into data programmability. Find out how to lifecycle Snowpark and Java UDFs through DataOps with CI/CD and automated regression testing.

DataOps is a combination of tools and processes to improve the throughput and quality of what data teams produce, turning data development from an artisanal craft to a scalable, industrial process. But how does a data team get started? Watch our CTO, Guy Adams, discuss all things DataOps as a panelist on the Eckerson Group Shop Talk.

How can you do CI/CD and DataOps for Snowflake so you can deliver business value faster?" Join Kent Graziano from Snowflake, Justin Mullen and Guy Adams from, for a technical masterclass on CI/CD for Snowflake and how helps enterprises accelerate onboarding DataOps principles for the Snowflake platform.

The data industry has not been ready, nor had the fundamental platform capabilities for a declarative approach to building data platforms, until now. This technical master class explores how Snowflake and combine to enable a fully declarative approach to building and rebuilding your data platform and associated data pipelines.


Through Snowpark, Snowflake and are now enabling data engineers, data scientists, and developers who prefer other languages to take advantage of Snowflake’s powerful platform capabilities and the benefits of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

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