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Build Test & DEPLOY applications and Data Products on Snowflake

Take charge of your data while balancing agility and governance 

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DataOps for Snowflake Success Program

Want to accelerate your deployments with Automation and Orchestration?

This offer is scheduled to end July 29, 2022, or after the first 25 subscribers.
This exciting pilot Success Program includes:

  • 6-month unlimited subscription
  • Price protection with guaranteed discounted renewal pricing tiers
  • Weekly Onboarding and Enablement calls (2-3 per week as required)
  • Professional Technical Training for up to 10 people (3 day course)
  • DataOps for Snowflake Center of Excellence Blueprint (Best Practices)

All customer candidates subject to approval by the leadership team.

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Dataops raise SEED FUNDING of


"We couldn't be prouder of what our team has achieved in the last year.  This signals the start of the next stage in our journey, and will see us continue building our presence in North America and Europe. It’s always about people, no matter how fantastic your technology is, and doing the right thing to drive success for customers."
Justin Mullen, CEO


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Justin Mullen - CEO

Data Mesh

The platform is helping data product teams in this global pharmaceutical giant to orchestrate and benefit from next-generation analytics on self-service data & analytics infrastructure consisting of Snowflake and other tools using data mesh approach.



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DataOps for dummies


DataOps describes a novel way of development teams working together collaboratively around data to achieve rapid results and improve customer satisfaction. This book is intended for everyone looking to adopt the DataOps philosophy to improve the governance and agility of their data products. The principles in this book should create a shared understanding of the goals and methods of DataOps and #TrueDataOps and create a starting point for collaboration.

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automate SNOWFLAKE | AGILE DELIVERY | guarantee governance


Data warehousing and agility have never existed in the same sentence.  See for yourself how DataOps can change this forever 


Governance of data assets is critical but is a barrier to agility.  See how Dataops delivers agility while INCREASING governance.  


DataOps is not technology - its a way of thinking.  We support you with best practices, and where technology support these.

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DataOps in 90 seconds!

Watch this 90 second video on DataOps for Snowflake to learn about:

  • The business challenge around DataOps
  • Moving the source of truth for your data platform
  • The business and financial benefits dataops will deliver

DATAOPS.LIVE - A Service That Stands Out







Lifecycle Management & Support for Snowpark & Java UDFs from Snowflake

Through Snowpark, Snowflake and are now enabling data engineers, data scientists, and developers who prefer other languages to take advantage of Snowflake’s powerful platform capabilities and the benefits of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

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Snowpark Accelerated

DATAOPS Partner Snowflake on the Data Governance Accelerated Program announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Cloud Data Platform, with immediate support for the latest Snowflake governance and security capabilities required to know your data, comply with regulatory mandates, and collaborate with confidence inside your organization and beyond.

See how builds integrated governance solutions with Snowflake's Governance Accelerated Program and new capabilities around object tagging, access history, row access policies and dynamic masking policies.

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DataOps Benefits


Increased efficiencies

Fewer employees can deliver higher productivity in a shorter timescale.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

By shortening the time to production, businesses can reduce costs by more than 30% (often much higher)


Simplified orchestration and management

DataOps transcends vendor-specific limitations, enabling orchestration of heterogeneous data environment.

Faster development

Faster development

Gain access to the valuable insights in a day rather than a month.


Data Assurance

Provide assurances and guarantees on data your business stakeholders can rely on.

Parallel Development

Parallel Development

Using DataOps, teams of people deliver changes in parallel - zero conflict, faster delivery to business.

Dataops Philosophy

As with any new technology philosophy, many people and companies’ have jumped on the DataOps bandwagon. As everyone has their own motivations and goals, there are 50+ different definitions of what DataOps is – and most of them we disagree with in some part. Almost all of them start from the perspective of the data before trying to retrospectively incorporate elements of DevOps and Agile to deliver some of the value of DevOps.

#TrueDataOps starts with the truest principles of DevOps, Agile, Lean, test-driven development and Total Quality Management. And applies these principles to the unique discipline of data, data warehousing, data lake management and data analytics (encompassing everything from traditional analytics to machine learning, data science and AI).

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snowflake Premier Partner is accredited technology partner and is launched on Snowflake Partner Connect.  Get your free 14 day trial of DataOps for Snowflake.


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