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Guy Adams - CTO, DataOps.liveApr 10, 2024 1:27:24 PM3 min read

Generate SAP insights on Snowflake instantly with Assist

Generate SAP insights on Snowflake instantly with Assist

SAP data is crucial for many companies. However, understanding and using this data can be tough. That's where Assist comes in. It's an AI tool that makes working with SAP data much easier. Assist can answer typical business questions and build and enrich models for you—and you don’t need technical skills to use it.  

In this blog post, we'll explore diverse scenarios where Assist adds value, overcoming the complexities of SAP data analysis and modeling processes. At the end, you can access a video demonstration to complement it. 

Using Assist for SAP tables analysis and model creation 

The journey begins with obtaining models of a few key SAP tables, laying the foundation for further exploration. These models serve as the building blocks for extracting meaningful insights from SAP data. 


Scenario 1: real-world questions

Assist can understand SAP data, even when the table names and columns are obscure. It can interpret human questions, understand the semantic meaning behind them, and craft advanced SQL queries to extract relevant insights. 

By throwing the SAP tables into Assist, we can start asking real-world questions without the need for any SAP knowledge. Let’s ask Assist to “create a model showing a sale order overview” based on the SAP tables we sent. Assist quickly generates the model based on this natural language query, providing actionable results. 


Scenario 2: complex data enrichment

Moving beyond the first simple query, we can task Assist to create a model with an enriched version of each customer and then create an enriched model showing total and average sales per customer, incorporating data from all the tables. Assist's ability to join tables and aggregate results streamlines the process, dropping the need for manual intervention. 


Scenario 3: test creation and validation

Before deploying the results into production, we can rely on Assist to create comprehensive test files for the models. These tests ensure the accuracy and reliability of the generated models, strengthening confidence in the data. 


Scenario 4: visualizing SAP data relationships

Assist extends its capabilities beyond just generating models by offering visual representations of SAP data relationships. We gain deeper insights into the interconnections between SAP tables with just a simple prompt to describe SAP BKPF table relationships”. 


Scenario 5: advanced querying 

If we’re looking for more advanced analyses, Assist excels in handling complex queries. For example, it can create a model to show correlation between pricing, sales volume, and customer segments. Even tasks requiring advanced SQL skills become simple with Assist's help. 

Scenario 6: fine-tuning models

Recognizing that each organization's SAP structure may vary, Assist allows for fine-tuning of models based on specific customer data. This customization ensures that the generated insights are tailored to meet the unique needs of each user. 

Conclusion Assist is changing the way SAP data is handled, simplifying the complexity of data processing and analysis. Using its robust knowledge and semantic understanding, Assist empowers users to extract actionable insights easily and quickly.  

Whether it's answering real-world questions, creating enriched models, or fine-tuning analyses, Assist revolutionizes the way organizations use SAP data. It enables teams to work more efficiently as it reduces their load to simply checking the output data, giving teams more time to do what matters most. 

Looking to simplify your SAP data modeling and testing processes? Look no further than Assist. Watch this video for a visual walkthrough of this blog post and see how this powerful tool empowers data engineers and analysts to extract actionable insights from SAP data in Snowflake with unparalleled ease and efficiency. 

Check out our latest blog post “Building SAP Sample Data Tables in Snowflake Has Never Been Easier” to learn how Assist can generate SAP tables in seconds based on your prompts.

Schedule a demo to see the full platform. 


Guy Adams - CTO,

Snowflake Global #1 Data SuperHero! An experienced CTO and VP, I'm passionate about DataOps. I've spent 20+ years running software development organizations and now my focus is on bringing the principles and business value from DevOps and CI/CD to data. Cofounder of the movement. Also Dad, technologist, (over) engineer, amateur inventor, skier, and mildly eccentric.