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Purpose-built environment for small data teams and dbt Core developers. Enterprise Edition is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
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Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view of your Snowflake spend.

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Founded in 2020 with a vision to enhance customer insights and value, our company has since developed technologies focused on DataOps.

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Monitor spend across all your Snowflake accounts

Spendview makes it simple to observe key account metrics so you can optimize user experience and costs.

Stay on top of everything, everywhere, all at once

When you have multiple Snowflake accounts, it’s difficult to get a full, detailed view of spending. Most tools only show you one account at a time.

Spendview for Snowflake can do that—but it also rolls all your accounts into one overview dashboard so you can understand the big picture. 

Answer adoption and usage questions like:
  • Who are the biggest Snowflake spenders?
  • What are the most expensive databases? 
  • Are our data warehouses well-utilized?

  • Can we optimize usage to decrease spend?
  • What are next month’s compute and storage forecasts?
  • Who is spending what?
Then, use the Compute, Storage, and Usage dashboards to drill down into cost drivers for one, some, or all of your Snowflake accounts during any timeframe.
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And invite anyone in your organization to view or own a specific Snowflake account or accounts within Spendview. Make cost management a team effort!

"'s Spendview will help customers optimize their Snowflake experience and ensure they're maximizing the benefits of the Snowflake Data Cloud." 

Tarik Dwiek
Tarik DwiekHead of Technology Alliances, Snowflake

"In the last three months, we reduced overall Snowflake spend by 15% across all our Snowflake accounts by leveraging Spendview."

Miguel Morgado
Miguel MorgadoSPO of Digital Products, OneWeb

"FinOps and proper understanding of cost distribution is a critical part of any cloud-based data delivery. Spendview is a great tool that provides a lot of valuable insights into your Snowflake spendings. Plug and play! It's easy and quick to setup. Data teams can immediately analyze key metrics and start optimizing their Snowflake operating model metrics."

Tomáš SobotíkSnowflake Data Superhero

“We are excited by this fantastic improvement towards better financial observability into costs on a customer’s Snowflake Data Cloud in a simple and easy to use tool that highlights quick insights for savings. This provides XponentL Data an opportunity to deliver expert consulting services and specialized software automation solutions to dive deeper and broader into the ongoing optimization of their Snowflake Data Cloud.”

Frank BellSnowflake Data Superhero & Snowflake Evangelist, XponentL Data

Getting started is super simple

Register for Spendview.

2 minutes

Log in and add your Snowflake accounts.
3–10 minutes, depending on how many accounts you have
Get insights.


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See how we cut our own Snowflake costs by 30% using Spendview, and get a deeper understanding of how Spendview works.

No cost, no strings, no security risk

Get insights from all your Snowflake accounts in one place—in just minutes.

100% free with unlimited access. No license restrictions and no strings attached.
Everything runs in your Snowflake environment. We don’t access any real data—only data share and history.

The next step: complete observability

Spendview for Snowflake is the cost/financial observability module of Observability. As budgets were tightening across industries in 2023, we decided to make it free for all Snowflake customers. We're committed to the product and will continue to improve and add to it. Observability offers the addition of data pipeline and data product observability and graph exploration and impact assessment, as part of the complete platform. Click those links to learn more!

Get your free Spendview for Snowflake account today!