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Purpose-built environment for small data teams and dbt Core developers. Enterprise Edition is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
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Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view of your Snowflake spend.

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About Us
About Us

Founded in 2020 with a vision to enhance customer insights and value, our company has since developed technologies focused on DataOps.

Join the team today! We're looking for colleagues on our Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, and Support teams.

Data (Product) Delivery Reimagined

Supercharge your data engineering team. Build 10x faster and lower costs by 60% or more. helps data teams rapidly build, test, and deploy data products to production. We do that by creating a safe development environment for each team member, orchestrating all the data products that make up your data platform, and pushing end-to-end data pipelines to production, while adhering to your change management process and governance needs. 

Our end-to-end data product factory lets you treat data as a product adhering to the data product lifecycle. Build all workload types with governance and agility to make trusted decisions. Whether you use analytics, advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, large language models, or data applications to visualize your outcomes, lets you build them with a safety net and release them to production with confidence. 

Supercharge your data engineering today! 


Jumpstart your data product and native app builds.

Get fully governed and documented MVPs in 10 minutes.

Create gets you started with any workload type. Collaborate with your data product owners early and often to build fully governed, documented, and business-aligned solutions — fast. 

  • Publish a dataset as a trusted data product for your business stakeholders.
  • Build, test, and deploy a Snowflake Native App consisting of one or more UDFs, Snowflake AI, Snowflake ML, Snowpark Container Services (SPCS), or Streamlit to the Snowflake Marketplace.
  • Import your dbt Core projects to get support for dbt Core™ and leverage DevOps and CI/CD out of the box. 

" Create significantly improves my productivity by auto-generating dbt Core SQL. SQL development and updates that could have taken an hour now takes minutes.  The initial prompt and context for my Gen AI session is gathered in a business-friendly way further boosting my efficiency."


Mark Bartlo  |  Sr. Sales Engineer,




See how Create lets you build data products in minutes


Amplify your DataOps impact.

Use Assist as your copilot to increase productivity and get things done faster.

Assist is a chat-based AI-powered copilot that simplifies your everyday life. Every team member’s workflow gets easier, regardless of their role. Use Assist to increase productivity and collaborate faster with your team.

  • Simplify your development process by automating data generation, model construction, table joining, test creation, and documentation.
  • Summarize and explain 1,000+ lines of complex SQL or Python to pick up where others stopped.
  • Use it during peer review and release management sessions to quickly summarize and describe all changes.
  • Get guided action for incident resolution on data pipeline failures and see your cases closed in half the time.

“ Assist gives me the confidence to try things I would not have attempted before. With Assist I can focus my time on the business problem rather than the implementation.”


Alastair McClelland  |  Director of Engineering,



Find out how Assist can generate SAP insights on Snowflake instantly


Use one environment for any Snowflake workload or use case.

Develop Snowpark, Streamlit, dbt models, Cortex, Snowflake Container Services, AI/ML workloads, and more in one environment.

Develop is a single integrated developer environment (IDE) built on continuous development principles. It allows data engineers to develop, validate, test, and review code (SQL, Scala, Java, Python, Snowpark, dbt™, etc.). Data science engineers can build and test containers for Snowflake Container Services leveraging GPU-accelerated AI workloads. And software engineers can code sophisticated data applications with Streamlit. All while:

  • Eliminating the work and hassle of creating and updating local dev environments
  • Requiring zero installation since it works in your browser
  • Allowing you to make changes and test them in seconds, not minutes or hours
  • Coding in an environment that’s virtually identical to production, eliminating the common 'well it worked on my laptop' issue!

Learn one tool to get started quickly on even the most complex Snowflake use cases.

“ Develop consolidates all our development tasks into one platform, streamlining what used to require multiple steps of installation and tool configuration on my local workstation.”

Zeid Farhad

Zeid Farhad  |  Business Intelligence Developer, Northeastern University



Check out everything Develop has to offer in the developer documentation


Orchestrate all your data integration, data quality, and data governance tasks.

Easily create data pipelines with enhanced connectors for your most popular tools.’s data product platform allows you to orchestrate all parts of your modern data platform. You will find an orchestrator for every need — data ingestion, data quality, data transformation, or data observability and governance. Orchestrators are your building blocks to create value from all your data and build trusted data products.

  • Leverage data ingestion vendors like Fivetran or Stitch or load data from a Snowflake stage
  • Assess your data quality with SODA, Monte Carlo, or dbt tests
  • Transform your datasets with Informatica, Matillion, or dbt
  • Model your data as a data vault with VaultSpeed
  • Reuse all your AWS or Azure services
  • Run arbitrary workloads on Containers
  • ... or build your own with APIs, Python 

“ for us is not only about technical data. It's the area where we bring all the data. So we have data from Salesforce, we have data from ServiceNow coming to, we have data from our satellites, we have data from billing. So all these data sets come in a unique place and then it’s orchestrated, and then all the data is catalogued and exposed to our users.”


Miguel Morgado  |  SPO of Digital Products, OneWeb



Ready to find out what can do for you?


Automate your data operations for optimal data quality and productivity.

Manage and monitor pipelines in every stage of the DataOps process.

Operate lets data teams manage the data product workflow with stakeholders throughout its lifecycle. Automate moving and scheduling workloads to production and through the environment, operational SLAs, test execution, and more.

  • Build and rebuild your DEV, TEST & PROD environments.
  • Manage code and data in lockstep.
  • Safely promote your data pipelines to the upstream environment.
  • Automate regression testing for every deployment.

In 2023, stopped 91,000 production deployments which would have put bad data in front of business users.



Dive deeper into Operate in documentation


Gain real-time visibility and control over your operations and processes.

View, analyze, and manage operational metadata across your entire ecosystem, delivering insights to help you optimize spend and make the correct data-driven decisions.

Observe provides a unified and harmonized view of relevant metadata for better data reliability. Build trust by empowering every stakeholder with an understanding of all elements of their data products.

  • Get real-time visibility into the usage and quality of data products (data observability)
  • Monitor data pipelines’ health and set alerts to keep on top of issues
  • Observe key account metrics to optimize user experience and costs

“In the last three months, we reduced overall Snowflake spend by 15% across all our Snowflake accounts by leveragint Spendview.”


Miguel Morgado  |  SPO of Digital Products, OneWeb




Use Spendview for Snowflake now — free!


Professional Edition

Build simple data products
Managed and supported version of dbt Core™
Gain speed with our AI-copilot Assist
Ingest, transform, and visualize data in Snowflake
Securely manage all your credentials
Simple flat-rate for teams of 3–10 data engineers 

Enterprise Edition

Custom pricing
All features in Professional
Build complex Data Products
Build Snowflake AI-powered applications
Orchestrate all your third-party tools to operate your data platform
Process data in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premises
Develop, test, and operation your data products at scale