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Build, test & deploy  Data Products on  Snowflake is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
Spendview for Snowflake FREE

Spendview  for  Snowflake

Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view of your Snowflake spend.
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Spendview for Snowflake

Optimize your Snowflake spend and reduce costs by 15% or more - and it's FREE

How it Works

Spendview for Snowflake is a free, no-installation Cloud App that connects to your Snowflake account, providing complete transparency of your Snowflake Data Cloud usage and spending. It offers an overview of all your Snowflake accounts, with the ability to zoom into Compute, Storage, and Usage spend to optimize and reduce inefficiencies. With Spendview, you can gain full control over your Snowflake spending in minutes for free.

Get Started
  • Get insights in minutes with easy registration 
  • Share insights across enterprise with free Spendview for Snowflake
  • Your data is completely secure with all compute and data running in your Snowflake accounts
  • See a high-level overview of all your Snowflake accounts and focus on the right metrics
  • Understand your Snowflake spend and forecast. Adjust for performance with Spendview for Snowflake
  • With Spendview, spot your most important users and optimize their Snowflake experience

  • Calibrate your spend to make adjustments and immediately see results
  • Get dramatic user experience gains by adjusting Snowflake for the right user demographics
  • Identify and rationalize unused and sub-optimal warehouses and accounts to fine tune your spend



"In the last three months, we reduced overall Snowflake spend by 15% across all our Snowflake accounts by leveraging Spendview. The app got turned on within minutes, bringing transparency to all stakeholders, and allows us to focus our efforts on key areas we could improve. continues to be a true partner, supporting OneWeb’s continuous rollout of Data Products across the organization for the benefit of our customers."

Miguel Morgado Headshot
Miguel MorgadoSPO of Digital Products, OneWeb

"FinOps and proper understanding of cost distribution is a critical part of any cloud-based data delivery. Spendview is a great tool that provides a lot of valuable insights into your Snowflake spendings. Plug and play! It's easy and quick to setup. Data teams can immediately analyze key metrics and start optimizing their Snowflake operating model metrics. I highly recommend Spendview to any data team seeking to improve their Snowflake Data Cloud experience."

Tomáš Sobotík Headshot
Tomáš SobotíkSnowflake Data Superhero

“We are excited by this fantastic improvement towards better financial observability into costs on a customer’s Snowflake Data Cloud in a simple and easy to use tool that highlights quick insights for savings.  This provides eXponent Data an opportunity to deliver expert consulting services and specialized software automation solutions to dive deeper and broader into the ongoing optimization of their Snowflake Data Cloud.”

Frank Bell - POWER
Frank BellSnowflake Data Superhero & Evangelist, eXponent Data

Register to use Spendview for Snowflake

Build trust in your Snowflake Data Cloud by creating transparency across your organization with the free Spendview for Snowflake. Spendview provides visibility and clarity into Snowflake consumption and cost to your data team.​

  • Start getting insights in minutes from all your Snowflake accounts
  • With no license restrictions, Spendview for Snowflake is an entirely free application with unlimited and open access and no strings attached
  • does not store your data or metadata. All compute and data storage happens in your Snowflake account
Spendview for Snowflake images

Bringing transparency and clarity to data teams across the enterprise

Spendview for Snowflake provides a dashboard of your key Snowflake account metrics. The entire data domain, the Snowflake account owner, and the Head of Data have a single view to access critical data platform metrics immediately. Zoom in to compute utilization, storage capacity, and platform adoption to implement the right governance processes and optimize your Snowflake Data Cloud experience.

  • Have a high-level overview of all your Snowflake accounts and focus on right one
  • Understand your Snowflake spend and forecast, adjust for performance and spend
  • Spot your most important users and optimize your team's Snowflake experience
Spendview for Snowflake images-3 the next level of Snowflake Automation and more!

Setting up, understanding, and monitoring Snowflake Data Cloud metrics is the essential first step. If you like Spendview, imagine what the entire platform can do for you! Our mission is to change how the world builds and manages Data Products. 

We are committed to you doing Data Products right! 

  • Get in touch with consulting partners to bring your Snowflake Operating to the next level with Spendview
  • Learn how helps your team build data products on Snowflake the right way - faster than ever
  • Automate and improve the developer experience with the Developer Environment
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Get your Free Spendview for Snowflake Account today!