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What we learned from the ‘Say hello to DataOps for Snowflake’ webinar

To paraphrase Datalytyx CTO Guy Adams’ words during the recent ‘Say hello to DataOps for Snowflake’ webinar, DataOps is as much a philosophy as it is a set of technologies and tools. And, because it’s a new area, a lot of people are still struggling to get to grips with it. 

This is precisely why we launched the SHTDFS webinar summer series – to educate and inform organisations on how DataOps for Snowflake can improve their data processes, as well as overall business performance. 

So, what key learnings did people take away from the recent webinar?



1. Dealing with demands 

So many organisations are growing at a rapid rate, which means they’re ingesting more and more data every day. This means they need to be more agile and deliver better data insights 10x faster than before. 

Unfortunately, most data teams are still handcuffed by outdated tools and limited resources. They’re unable to deliver the results their organisations need at the speed required, and that’s on top of having 50% or more of their time hijacked by unplanned tasks. 


2. Lack of automation 

A lot of the things holding data teams back can be fixed with better automation; things such as building integration jobs, testing and retesting, and assembling data pipelines. Automation through correct DataOps implementation means quicker processes and more available time to focus on growth-driving tasks. 


The Value of DataOps 

DataOps for Snowflake can provide value, not just for those in data-related professions, but also wider teams across all sectors.  

Datalytyx has worked with the likes of wejo and BOC in order to deliver: 


  1. Automated data testing – this allows teams to pinpoint data issues and resolve them quickly (sometimes just a few lines of data among millions of lines). 
  2. Better data insights – gives various departments visibility of the data they need in order to do their jobs more efficiently. 
  3. Create new revenue opportunities – enables companies to create new revenue models by showcasing the value of their data to potential customers. 


The Source of Truth 

A common data pain for businesses is struggling to manage multiple data environments. This is because they produce multiple sources of truth with no clarity on which data is most accurate. 


The solution DataOps for Snowflake provides is to establish single source of truth which can then be deployed into multiple data environments. This enables organisations to spin up data quickly from the source of truth as and when new requirements arise 

If you need assurance on the effectiveness of this method, just know that this principle is followed by numerous global giants, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and others. 


For more insights, including a full walkthrough on how to build the DataOps for Snowflake platform, check out the ‘Say hello to DataOps for Snowflake’ webinar replay.