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On-demand webinar

Accelerate your AI/ML Journey


Watch this on-demand webinar in which James Kobielus, TDWI senior research director for data management, and expert panelists discuss how enterprises can implement a fast path to superior AI/ML applications in the cloud. After a short context-setting presentation, Kobielus will engage Dwarak Sri, BlueCloud’s head of AI, and Guy Adams, co-founder and CTO for, in a discussion that addresses the following key questions:

  • How can enterprises achieve competitive advantages and operational efficiencies by accelerating the delivery of better AI/ML applications in the cloud?
  • What platforms and tools do enterprises require to accelerate the building and deployment of trustworthy AI/ML applications in the cloud?
  • What data engineering and data science best practices are key to enabling rapid development and deployment of high-performance cloud-native AI/ML applications?
  • How should enterprises use advanced data sharing, data clean room, and data security capabilities in a cloud environment to build more compliant AI/ML applications?
  • When should enterprises use cloud data marketplaces to acquire external data sets and other assets needed to accelerate the delivery of high-quality AI/ML applications?