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Why DataOps for Snowflake: Introduction to DataOps FAQs

Our DataOps, data orchestration platform, was specifically designed and built as a solution for (or to address) common data problems that prevent most organizations from deriving maximum value from their data, including the following aspects:

  • low development times 
  • Poor quality results  
  • Backlogged or swamped data teams 
  • Little to no version control. 

As the introduction to our book, DataOps for Dummies notes:   

The for Snowflake platform “started with a clear vision: to build data products and environments the same way the world builds software products.” 


Why DataOps or, more specifically, #TrueDataOps?   

The beginning stages of this creation process focused on developing the #TrueDataOps philosophy and its seven-pillar framework: Our answer to the gaps we discovered in most modern definitions of the term “DataOps.”  

Let’s turn again to the DataOps for Dummies book:  

DataOps, especially #TrueDataOps, was developed as an archetype (or philosophy) based on the successful DevOps philosophy and practice, with several data-specific additions, facilitating the ability to work efficiently with large data volumes, balancing agility and governance, and reducing the time-to-value. 

In summary, #TrueDataOps emphasizes the importance of treating data as a product instead of a project. 


Why publish DataOps FAQs?   

The #TrueDataOps philosophy is relatively new; was only started in 2018. We have combined our extensive DataOps experience with the common questions we have come across to put together an FAQ page detailing these questions with their answers. 

If you can’t find an answer to your question, get in touch with us or join us at our next Office Hours