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Doug 'The Data Guy' NeedhamApr 4, 2023 12:04:22 PM2 min read

Vaultspeed Orchestrator Accelerates Your Data Vault on Snowflake

Accelerate the set up and management of your Data Vault on the Snowflake Data Cloud with the new VaultSpeed Orchestrator 

The platform is made up of orchestrators whose job is to perform some dedicated function. Each of these orchestrators are configured via YAML (YML) files stored in our hosted repository. Our list of orchestrators is constantly growing. We are pleased to announce that one of the latest orchestrators to be added to our toolbox is the Vaultspeed Orchestrator: this enables the user to populate VaultSpeed with the metadata necessary to design their Data Vault environment and have automatically deploy the data structures that VaultSpeed generates. 

Vaultspeed combines the best automation, Data Vault modeling and cloud native performance. Everything to make data warehouse projects less error-prone and time-consuming. With Vaultspeed you capture information about the structure of your source databases, and how your Data Vault is designed, then it will generate all the data structures, and transformation logic necessary to populate your Data Vault.  

With the Vaultspeed Orchestrator, you can leverage the Environment management, Security, Orchestration and Testing capabilities of the platform and implement the data structures and transformation logic created by Vaultspeed. All of this from a single pane of glass that allows for the iterative development of meta data driven automation implementations.  

The Vaultspeed Orchestrator is configured via these same YAML files that the rest of the platform is driven by. You populate Vaultspeed with your metadata, configure the orchestrator and run a pipeline to create the generated objects.  

This can all be done in a feature branch such that any changes that need to be made can be implemented, and thoroughly tested before merging into production.  

The following video on our YouTube channel shows a technical overview of the orchestrator. The Vaultspeed Orchestrator is the latest orchestrator to be released by This Orchestrator will enable Vaultspeed customers to rapidly deploy and implement the designs they have in Vaultspeed.  

Overview of the new Vaultspeed Orchestrator for the Snowflake Data Cloud


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Doug 'The Data Guy' Needham

“The Data Guy” Needham started his career as a Marine Database Administrator supporting operational systems that spanned the globe in support of the Marine Corps missions. Since then, Doug has worked as a consultant, data engineer, and data architect for enterprises of all sizes. He is currently working as a data scientist tinkering with graphs and enrichment platforms – showing others how to get more meaning from data.