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‘DataOps is critical – it's technology, process and mindset’

Wayne Eckerson Wayne Eckerson | founder and principal consultant of Eckerson Group

'Data monetization through ‘a unique stack founded on DataOps.live, Snowflake and data.world’ - a single source of truth for all stakeholders to access, consume, and share insights'

Miguel M. Miguel Morgado | Product owner OneWeb

“Component-based development is the outcome of adopting DataOps with its increased automation. The challenge for teams is to learn how go from working with a finite set of people to collaborative development.”

Mike Ferguson Mike Ferguson | CEO Intelligent Business Strategies, Industry Analyst, Consultant & Keynote Speaker in Data Management & Analytics.


Paul Rankin (6)

Dan Linstedt - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep #13

Join us for our 13th episode with the Inventor of the data vault architecture, independent analyst, and thought leader Dan is the founder and CEO of DataVaultAlliance Holdings, LLC. With a 30-year background in IT and data warehousing/business intelligence, his specialties include solving big data problems, sprint planning, tracking and oversight, systems design, and architecture. Dan is a CBIP Certified Master, DW2.0 Certified Architect, and Informatica Certified Master.

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