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Build, test & deploy  Data Products on  Snowflake is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
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Spendview  for  Snowflake

Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view of your Snowflake spend.
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About UsFounded in 2020 with a vision to enhance customer insights and value, our company has since developed technologies focused on DataOps.
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Deliver data products at the speed & scale your business demands

Get trusted insights to business stakeholders faster and more efficiently with DataOps for Snowflake.


Take control of your Snowflake spend

Get complete transparency into your Snowflake Data Cloud usage and spending and reduce costs by 15% or more with Spendview. 

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NEW: Data Products for Dummies

Find out about the future of how organizations will organize,

develop, and deploy data assets and data applications.

$40 M Cost Savings
4X Faster Development
120+ Releases/Month

Make the move from data projects to data products with DataOps

Data is a valuable resource that can drive growth, innovation, strategic value, and differentiation for an organization… if your team can keep pace with business demands. 

But one quick peek at the backlog and you know that rarely happens. The reactive project approach to data requestsacquiring, preparing and analyzing a new dataset for each use caseslows data delivery and can cause duplicate, siloed work.

It’s time to start treating your data as a product. By applying ‘product thinking’ to your data assets and systems, it can be used for multiple use cases, over an extended period of time. 

The way to do it? DataOps…

Do data products right with

Environment Automation

Manage Snowflake infrastructure as configuration & code. Deploy & lifecycle manage data applications & products.

Pipeline Orchestration ​

Build end-to-end pipelines in minutes in, or orchestrate tools you're already using to ingest, model & test your data.

Federated Deployment​

Deliver data engineering at scale, leveraging design patterns like Data Mesh or Data Vault easily and enterprise-wide.

Comprehensive Observability​

Collect, unify, manage, and share operational metadata to provide a 360-degree perspective on your data products. delivers

According to the Gartner Market Guide for DataOps Tools, this will be true by 2025 for data engineering teams that use DataOps practices and tools.
Observability and automated testing mean your business stakeholders can trust the data you deliver.
Automation, financial observability, and recommendations reduce the overall lifetime cost of data products.
4X FASTER DEVELOPMENT developer environment lets your team speeds delivery of new data products up to 400%.
Harmonize goals of data tribes (IT, LOB, Data Science) to deliver DataOps across tools and products with ease and confidence.
With sandbox development environments, data teams can deliver changes in parallelwith zero conflicts. Now data product developers can be as productive as software developers.

Trusted by data-driven professionals

POWER Miguel Headshot-2
Miguel MorgadoSPO of Digital Products, OneWeb

"In the last three months, we reduced overall Snowflake spend by 15% across all our Snowflake accounts by leveraging Spendview. The app got turned on within minutes, bringing transparency to all stakeholders, and allows us to focus our efforts on key areas we could improve. continues to be a true partner, supporting OneWeb’s continuous rollout of Data Products across the organization for the benefit of our customers."


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Paul RankinHeadshot POWER
Paul RankinHead of Data Management Platforms, Roche

If there is one tool that will change your life forever it is Go and see for yourself—this is the heart of your modern data stack!


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Omar Khawaja Headhsot
Omar Khawaja Global Head of BI, Roche Diagnostics

“You can’t carry on doing the same things and expect different results. We wanted to move the needle further on the dial and become a more agile data-driven business, which led to a pioneering data mesh and true DataOps approach as our way forward."


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David Bath Headshot
David BathVP of Platforms, OneWeb

“The data hub is a self-service business tool that is helping us to understand and optimize the operational complexities of the amazing network we are building. This approach delivers strong governance, the necessary geo-restrictions, departmental autonomy, and that all-important innovation at speed."


Ready Case Study ->

Wayne Eckerson
Wayne EckersonPresident, Eckerson Group

" is a great choice for companies that need orchestration of complex data pipelines around Snowflake... Its hybrid approach means you can use native development and testing tools for some data pipeline processes and orchestrate any 3rd party tools as required."

Eckerson Group logo


Mike Ferguson Headshot
Mike FergusonCEO and Head of Research, Intelligent Business Strategies

" is about collaborative development, it's about the ability to coordinate and automate testing and deployment and therefore shorten the time to to value"

Intelligent Business Strategies logo raises $17.5m from Notion Capital and Anthos Capital

The new investment comes as experiences explosive growth, with a breakout FY23 that saw 400% ARR growth as demand for its products accelerated and market awareness grew. Use of the SaaS platform has grown exponentially, with more than 1 million pipelines runs, more than 10 million jobs orchestrated, and more than 50 million tests performed over the last year. The company's momentum is expected to continue, as it expands its product offerings and increases its market share.

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Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view on your spend.

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