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Purpose-built environment for small data teams and dbt Core developers. Enterprise is the leading provider of Snowflake environment management, end-to-end orchestration, CI/CD, automated testing & observability, and code management, wrapped in an elegant developer interface.
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Change the way your business makes decisions around data with a unified and harmonized view of your Snowflake spend.

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About Us

Founded in 2020 with a vision to enhance customer insights and value, our company has since developed technologies focused on DataOps.

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Snowflake Solutions Center

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The frostbyte and Polaris teams are the technical force behind Snowflake’s industry go-to-market strategy, dedicated to building industry solutions that solve specific business and technical challenges across all industries, including healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, and more.

The Snowflake Solutions Center allows rapid, automated deployment and demos of a suite of partner-aligned industry solutions, from teams such as frostbyte and PolarIS, tailored to drive meaningful impact. These will drive faster technical wins, greater consumption and faster adoption of new Snowflake features.

Discover relevant solutions

⬇ Snowflake Solutions Center

  • Search and Discover 25+ industry solutions & established partners
  • Deploy tailored solution instances formany different customers
  • Continuously monitored and validated solutions
  • Detailed analytics and metrics to empower data driven decision making
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Create branded solution instance

⬇ Solution homepage

  • Branded and tailored customer solution scripts
  • Automatically created and tailored for your audience
  • Everyone from technical to the C-suite
  • Step by step instructions forevery use-case (with code where required)
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Run demos

⬇ Cloud based demo workspace

  • No requirements for local installation avoiding dependancy hell
  • Fully web-based and managed endto end solutions including notebooks, Streamlit, React, Kafka and more!
  • Guaranteed successful demos every time
  • Designed and tested by the experts
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"DataOps. live has seamlessly bridged the gap between what was visionary and now achievable, turning 'art of the possible' into 'possible' with the click of a button for our industry solution selling at Snowflake."

Robert GugliettiSolution Development Manager at Snowflake

Learn more about the Snowflake Solutions Center

Vertical Covered

  • Healthcare / Life Sciences
  • Financial Services
  • Retail & CPG
  • Manufacturing
  • Media, Advertising & Entertainment

Solution Template Examples 

  • Tasty Bytes and Tasty Bytes PdM
  • Insurance Fraud Detection
  • Customer Experience
  • EDI File Processing
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Retail Inventory Analysis


Download the solution doc here

How to get access to the Snowflake Solutions Center?

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Request Access to the Snowflake Solutions Center today via the Snowflake solutions-center Slack channel

Join today Snowflake Sales Portal

Thank you for your partnership on this exciting data journey!, the Data Products company, is the company and technology platform that underpins the Snowflake Solutions Marketplace.

We supercharge Snowflake data teams by enabling agile DevOps automation and a powerful Developer Experience to modern data platforms. The SaaS platform brings automation, orchestration, continuous testing and unified observability to deliver the Data Products you want at the speed the business needs.

In addition to DataOps best practices and technical training found in our training and learning center, we created this sales portal to share our key sales and marketing materials.

Let’s get to work!