DataOps subscriptions are based on packs of users. Developer user licences have full access to all features, and are intended for project maintainers and developers. For all other users, such as project management, business analysis, etc. we offer packs of 10 reporter users.


  • Develop and maintain code
  • Raise/review merge requests
  • Run pipelines
  • Manage branches/tags
  • All reporter user features

$1000/user/month (£800/€900)


  • Packs of 10 users
  • View project code
  • Access test reports
  • Review pipeline logs
  • Manage issues

$1000/pack-10/month (£800/€900)

Pricing Conditions

  • All pricing is based on an equivalent subscription price per user per month
  • Paying annually for a 1 year subscription attracts a 10% discount on the 12 month price
  • Prices for volumes of users are based on the pack prices as set out below


If your organisation needs to run DataOps in a fully isolated environment, rather than the standard multi-tenant platform, then a secure private instance may be the best solution.

$ Price on application


Developer Pack Users License Price p/m Per user price p/m
Enterprise -Large 20 $16,000 $800
Enterprise -Medium 10 $9,000 $900
Enterprise -Small 5 $5,000 $1000
Enterprise - XS 3 $3,000 $1000
Reporter Pack Users Pack Price p/m Per user
Enterprise -Large 100 $7,000 $70
Enterprise -Medium 50 $4,000 $80
Enterprise -Small 30 $2,700 $90
Enterprise - XS 10 $1,000 $100

Prices per month. Contact us for confirmation of pricing in other currencies e.g. GBP and EURO.