Press Release announces lifecycle management and support for Snowpark and JAVA UDFs from Snowflake is to revolutionise data pipeline agility and orchestration further with enhanced life-cycle management and support for Snowpark and JAVA UDFs from Snowflake. 

London June 9th, today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, with immediate support for Snowpark, the new developer friendly Snowflake experience now in preview. enables enterprises to balance governance and agility on Snowflake. Our DataOps platform brings agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) to Snowflake’s platform. It enables organisations to build, test and deploy Snowflake the same way they do software applications, increasing speed of development and accelerating adoption, with no loss of governance or security. delivers business agility and data governance without compromise, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Snowflake is known for its performance, scalability, and concurrency. Before Snowpark, users interacted with Snowflake predominately through SQL. Now, customers will be able to create and manage more workflows entirely within Snowflake’s Data Cloud, without the need to manage additional processing systems.

Snowpark enables customers that are comfortable with other languages, such as Scala and Java UDFs, to write code that is natural for them using a widely used and familiar DataFrame model. enables Scala or Java code to be stored, managed and lifecycled, and projects the latest code (depending on the environment it is run against e.g. dev, test, or production) into Snowpark every time a pipeline is run.

Through Snowpark, Snowflake and are now enabling data engineers, data scientists, and developers who prefer other languages to take advantage of Snowflake’s powerful platform capabilities and the benefits of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

“Through numerous significant and critical advancements on Snowflake over the last few years, and the imminent release of Snowpark, Snowflake has become the first fully programmable Data Cloud in history”, said Justin Mullen, CEO of “But that means code and configuration files need to be created, stored, managed and run. is ensuring that all this code (SQL, Java, Scala) that is driving critical business workloads into and through Snowflake, is secure, governed, managed, and lifecycled over time. Our DataOps for Snowflake’s platform enables organisations to focus on value-led development of pipelines while reducing fraud, improving customer experience, increasing uptake, identifying cross-sell opportunities and next best offers, and so much more.”

Alongside Snowpark, Snowflake has launched JAVA UDFs. With Java UDFs, customers can bring functions they have in JVM and execute right inside of Snowflake’s Data Cloud with Snowflake’s powerful processing engine, for better performance, scalability and concurrency, greatly expanding the transformation capabilities and reducing management complexity from hosting external services. enables these JAVA UDFs to be fully managed and life-cycled through development, test and production environments alongside all other objects in Snowflake.



Born out of nearly a decade of professional services and hundreds of successful data projects, was built to meet the actual needs of modern, data-driven companies using Snowflake. removes the need for enterprises to balance governance and agility delivering fundamental improvements in both. The platform brings agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and IoT data compression to the Snowflake cloud data platform. is ONE platform for 100% of your DataOps lifecycle needs around Snowflake to enable agility and responsiveness, with no compromise on data security and governance. It provides end to end orchestration, environment management, CICD, automated testing, and ELT wrapped in an elegant UI. Faster development, parallel collaboration, increased efficiencies, reduced costs, data assurance, and simplified orchestration and management. Business agility and data governance without compromise, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Contact: Justin Mullen, +44 7710 482520,

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