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Get 99% accuracy with just 1% of your data

DataOps-for-IoT (Gallium) is a machine learning algorithm that massively reduces the amount of IoT/time series data needed to be transported,
stored or processed to achieve results with guaranteed accuracy.



700x reduction in time to actionable information



Query data sets that have previously been too large to interrogate



Infinitely scalable using commodity hardware

HubSpot Video

DataOps-FOR-IOT in 90 seconds!

Watch this 90 second video on DataOps-for-IoT video to learn about

  • Compressing IoT timeseries data to less than 1% of original size
  • Retains over 99% accuracy 
  • The business and financial benefits dataops will deliver

Get more value with less data

It’s rare to need 100% accuracy from your data to make a decision. Most decisions can be made as long as you know your data is guaranteed to be almost completely accurate.

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